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Business Law

Lay the Groundwork for a Successful Enterprise

Speak with A Business Attorney in Columbia, MO

Creating a business is tricky enough without taking legal issues into account. The team at Shurtleff Froeschner Harris, LLC will help you create your ideal business model. A business formation attorney will sit down with you to discuss your goals. We'll then explain the process to you so you can avoid potential legal problems. Call 573-449-3874 now to schedule a free consultation with a business attorney in Columbia, Missouri.

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We Can Help You Before and After You've Started Your Business

Our consumer attorneys can assist with any business law-related matter. As your business attorney, we will help you:

  • File for your LLC or incorporation

  • Create a partnership or operating agreement

  • Draft articles of incorporation

  • Collect money from debtors

You can rely on us to provide you with sound legal guidance at any time. Contact our firm today to discuss your needs with a trusted business formation attorney.